Funding journey with friends & family

TUBR set out to solve an annoying challenge anyone living in a city can understand: crowding on public transportation. The early months of development were about understanding if this was a problem other people wanted solved and with the arrival of Covid the annoyance of moving among the masses turned into a cause of anxiety and stress.

We had an assumption that data related to how and when people move around the London Underground could solve this problem for us, but what we didn’t realise was just how hard getting the data needed to find an answer would be. Yes, we needed to tackle this but the path to do so wasn’t simple. As a team we researched and tested until we found a solution that was better than we ever imagined.

With an MVP on the market and confidence on our side, it was time to start raising money. For us that journey started with our friends & family. We’d heard all the pros & cons about a friends and family round, but there were a few outcomes we didn’t expect.

A reason to keep in touch regularly

We’ve brought our friends and family on as shareholders and we want to have a close relationship with everyone who has invested in our vision. They are now key players in our success and their support transcends a check.

We’ve found we have reasons to chat that move on to other conversations about life. We’re getting updates that we would have missed before and it’s lovely to be connected outside of holidays and birthdays.

Undoubting belief that we will succeed

If you’re a founder, you have probably experienced imposter syndrome. We know we’re a strong team and we know we can learn from each other and the people we surround ourselves with. But there are instances of doubt for anyone who has ventured into the unknown of creating something new that wreak havoc on one’s confidence. Our Friends & Family shareholders have an unwavering belief that we will succeed and that is just what we need in the moments that are hard.

A big thank you!

So, we want to take this opportunity to thank every single friend and family investor who has joined us on this journey. Your support means the world to us and will help us get to the next step along the way. We are so thankful that you are walking the path with us.