Have we finally achieved the work/life balance we wanted?

Has your work/life balance improved since you’ve been working from home? A survey we conducted last month shows that many of you definitely think it has!


Out of all our participants who are working 1-2 days a week, 37% said they’re enjoying their newfound work/life balance, and a huge 50% of those who are working 3-4 days a week are loving their new lives!


Being able to work from home, even for a couple days of the week, opens up the opportunity for us to enjoy our free time, whether that’s by spending valuable time with family, heading out to meet friends or even taking some well-deserved me-time.

You’d think with many more people going back to work from the office that public transport would be a lot busier, but we’re only at 55%of pre-pandemic levels on the tube! According to our survey it’s still the most used mode of transport amongst our participants, with 82% of you using the London Underground!


Those still avoiding the inevitable rush hour period are choosing a healthier route - walking! Over 50% of our participants have swapped public transport for a commute on foot, even if this means a slightly longer journey in to work.


What’s great to see is that over 75% of users have employers who are open to a flexible working arrangement, enabling individuals to continue enjoying the freedom that comes with working from home.