How can TUBR ease our daily frustrations?

Winter is truly here. It’s colder and it’s dark for most of the day. What would make it ten times worse is being stuck with a sweaty armpit in your face during rush hour!

Don’t let that be you - our app helps you plan your journey, whether you’re going to work or getting your Christmas shopping done!


Station pages on our app show you a chart about current crowd levels and how they’re going to change over the next hour, giving you the option to leave later and avoid any uncomfortable crowding along your journey.

With TUBR you’ve got the chance to help your fellow travellers by rating your journey – if your journey was quieter than you’d expected, let everyone else know! All the feedback helps create a super accurate description of what tube lines look like at any given time.


So, if you’re using the app to check how busy your commute is going to be, you might just get a little bit more time to yourself in the morning before you leave, or if you’ve got a few too many shopping bags, know that you’ll have plenty of space when you’re heading back home so you can keep browsing the through the racks! 😉