How to dig deep into your users' needs

As a company, we put user needs at the forefront of all of our design and product decisions. We know we wouldn't be where we are today without our users and that's why we continually strive to build a product that our users want, need and love to use! You may be wondering, how do you do that?

Many companies spend weeks, months or even years developing a product or service without speaking to the very people they rely on to success - their customers. With this approach, many companies may find that by the time their product launches, the user needs have moved on or the idea has become so outdated that it doesn't even solve the original problem.

Getting to the bottom of the users' wants, desires and challenges is exactly what drives us here at TUBR, and is how we build form and shape the future of our app. We spend a significant amount of time and resource speaking to our users. In doing so, we find we can get to the bottom of their true wants and desires, as well as their pain points when it comes to their lived and technological experiences. We strive to really understand what they are telling us (or not telling us) so that we can build a product that alleviates their stresses and elevates their travel experience.

Conversations with users reveal a lot of information that isn't captured by a survey or simply uncovered in competitor analysis. While there is balance to be struck with these different methods, and we discover that speaking to users unearths information that we would have never encountered otherwise. After having these interviews, we go through and analyse all the data that we've gathered to find the context and motivations of our customers.

Although conducting user interviews and sifting through the data is a time consuming consuming exercise, we believe it adds more value and benefits and anything else that we could do. The insights that we uncover and the relationships we build with our users is really important and it helps us shape the future of our company and the decisions that we make going forward. The most exciting part of speaking to our users is that we discover things that we would have never thought of. These discoveries lead to the 'aha' moments where possibilities morph into designs, which ultimately help us on our quest to build the best possible product.