How to travel safely after Covid-19

A recent poll we conducted here at TUBR saw nearly one fifth of London commuters say they had stopped using public transport altogether.

While many people will be happy to continue working from home long after Covid-19 passes, millions will be returning to the office.

And, when theatres, nightclubs, restaurants and bars fully reopen, our economy will depend on a public transport network which commuters have confidence in.

There are a few simple steps anyone using public transport can take to reduce their chances of catching Covid-19.

Here’s our top ten tips on how to travel more safely post Covid-19:

1. Download the NHS COVID-19 app before you travel. If possible check in where you see official NHS COVID-19 QR code posters.*

2. Leave 15 minutes earlier than normal: We all lead busy lives but setting off a little sooner than normal means you can avoid a crowded bus, train or tram and wait for the next one.

3. Order ahead: Buy your ticket before you arrive at the station. This will save you queuing and being around other passengers unnecessarily.

4. Wear a mask: Under current Government rules wearing masks on public transport is mandatory unless you are exempt on health grounds. If and when the rules change, carry on wearing masks if it makes you feel more confident.  

5. Avoid touching things. Once onboard, unless you need support to stand or move, keep your hands away from any windows, doors and walls - this will reduce the chance of you coming into contact with Covid.

6. Travel side by side or behind other people. Try to avoid facing other passengers as this will reduce your chances of coming into contact with Covid.

7. Don’t suffer in silence. If you are travelling to work and feel anxious, tell your boss or employer and explain you might be a few minutes later than normal. All employers are being encouraged to show flexibility as we rebuild from Covid-19.

8. Try to be flexible: Aim to avoid the busiest routes, as well as busy times, such as the rush hour. Speak to your employer and ask if you can move working hours to travel in a way that reduces your anxiety.

9. Stay connected. Regularly check travel websites for updates on any delays you may face in your journey. Twitter is also a great way to keep abreast of what’s going on.

10. Download TUBR. We are a free app which helps commuters to plan stress-free journeys. Via cutting-edge technology we accurately monitor and track passenger levels at stations then feedback information to users planning a journey.

*Check in and out.